You now have TWO chances to win a pair of these kickin’ shades!

One way is to RE8LOG THIS POST! No side8logs unless you have a single one dedic8ted to giveaways.

The other is to use Punchta8 8y going HERE! (You can use 8oth ways to enter!)

8oth giveaways end at the same time on 8/8/12!

STUFF YOU CAN WIN: ONE PAIR OF RETRO SHADES! Choose 8etween one of 2 styles, either for a 3/8 in. or 1/8 in/ elastic 8and. Choose from one of SEVEN COLORS including purple, gray (essentially 8lack), green, pink, red, orange or 8lue 3mm acrylic!

More info: 3/8 in. Shades style - 1/8 inch Shades style - Material options!

Shades like these are a really gr8 idea if you don’t want to fight with a 8and-saw. The openings make it easy to attach frames too, if you’d like. You can also use these elastic 8ased ones to cover your glasses if you already have a prescription!!!!!!!!

The winner’s of 8oth giveaways (One Punchta8, one re8logga8le) will each receive a pair of shades in their choice of STYLE and COLOR and they will get them shipped to their door FOR FREE! (Outside the US? It’s usually fine 8ut you can still ask me a8out it!) Must have your ask-8ox open to win.

Original post is HERE, any entries through Puchta8 from the original post still count, though re8logs on the original post do not. Only this post counts for re8logs. Thanks you for understanding and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

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